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Management is an economic science that deals with organizing, planning, motivating and controlling activities. These activities are aimed at achieving the intended goal. The main goal of the studies in the field of management is transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of economic, legal and social sciences, regarding the essence, regularity and problems of the functioning of the organization – enterprises, public institutions and state security structures. The study program includes: macro and microeconomics, information technology and management information systems, mathematics for economists, project management, knowledge management, accounting, marketing and human capital management.

The second degree (master’s) studies in the field of management include, among others, such specialties as: corporate communication and public relations, internet marketing, market innovations – design and implementation, logistics in business, management of health and social care institutions, human resources management, leadership in organization and management in business and public sector.

Qualifications and job prospects after graduation

Acquired qualifications after master’s studies in the field of management:

  • recognizing, diagnosing and solving problems in the field of managing human, financial, information and material resources,
  • possession of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management sciences,
  • ability to carry out the main functions of process management in organizations operating in the economic, administrative and public safety sectors,
  • interpreting, analyzing and assessing phenomena related to management,
  • ability to prepare and take various management and strategic decisions,
  • having the knowledge to set up and run your own business.

Completed second-cycle studies in the field of management and defense Master’s thesis open the way to seeking employment in commercial companies, production plants, business, administration, etc. Graduates can work, among others as team leaders in state security structures, organization and management specialists, management managers in enterprises, advisors and consultants in economic or public organizations.

Writing master’s theses on management – comprehensive assistance

Master’s thesis from such a broadly understood field of management is undoubtedly a challenge for every student. A well-written academic dissertation is first and foremost a business card – thanks to it, the diploma exam can be a pleasure, and a diploma with a satisfactory rating may turn out to be the key to the door of many potential employers. Master’s theses are not only literary creations, but independent studies addressing specific issues, demonstrating both the knowledge and the student’s skills acquired during a few years of management studies.

To write a valuable master’s thesis, you need not only the idea, but also the time to gather and read the materials. Many universities and promoters attach great importance to the bibliography – the quantity and quality of the source items that were used in the dissertation. The student who creates the dissertation must therefore be well versed in the selected subject and subject literature, he must know what and where to look. It is connected with the need to devote attention and time, and not all students, especially those who work for money, are able to find the right amount.

Our offer including writing master’s theses on management is directed to all people who do not have free time, do not know how a scientific dissertation should be constructed or do not have enough patience to prepare such a study by themselves.

Master’s thesis management – what does the scope of help cover?

We are perfectly aware that creating valuable content requires proper preparation. Even the most talented students may lack proficiency in selecting, selecting or analyzing relevant source materials. As our editors do not have any problems with it, we are happy to share our skills in the field of:

  • topic selection,
  • preparation of a bibliography,
  • preparation of a general outline of work (division into introduction, ending, chapters, sub-chapters),
  • support in terms of substantive, grammatical, stylistic and spelling,
  • constructing content with a non-standard layout.

Master’s theses in management, as well as from any other scientific field that are consulted with us, are always refined in the smallest details and stand out as unique. Thanks to constant cooperation with a team of qualified editors, we can offer comprehensive support at every stage of creating a dissertation, flexibly matching the offer to individual customer needs.

Master’s theses of management – examples of topics

1. Building a company strategy on a chosen example.

Master’s thesis on building a company’s strategy on a chosen example. An elaboration consisting of four or five chapters, in which the following issues may be raised: concept and goals of strategic management, principles of formulating management strategies, review of research concepts in the field of management strategy design, components of the strategic management system.

2. The role and essence of communication in managing the organization.

A work dealing with the most important aspects related to the role and essence of communication in the organization management, consisting of three chapters: social communication (definition of social communication, forms of communication, barriers in the communication process), communication in the organization (communication channels in the organization, interpersonal and non-verbal communication , a body language lie in the race for leadership) and a manager in negotiations.

3. Human resources management in an example commercial bank.

Master’s thesis on human resources management on the example of a commercial bank of any choice. A study consisting of four or five chapters: theoretical issues of work (the concept and essence of the bank, the genesis of the banking system in England), the general characteristics of a selected commercial bank, services provided by a given bank, the results of economic activity of a selected bank and the practice of human resources management tested institution.

4. Management of materials and raw materials in the enterprise.

Work dealing with selected aspects related to the management of materials and raw materials in the enterprise. Examples of issues that may be included in the study are: material management as a field of management, tasks of materials management, place of material management in the organizational structure, the basis for assessment of materials and raw materials management, the impact of materials management on business management.

5. The role of women in management.

Master’s thesis on the role of women in management, consisting of four chapters: methods of human resources development (concept and the essence of motivation, definition of development and improvement), the situation of women in management (the concept of discrimination, gender competence in management, women’s problems related to employment in managerial positions), the professional situation of women in England and the analysis of own research results.

6. Contract of employment and flexible personnel management.

Work presenting selected issues related to the employment contract and flexible personnel management. The study may be presented, among others, such issues as: theoretical aspect of personnel management, the concept and essence of personnel management, the manager’s function in personnel management, the concept and the essence of the employment contract, the mode of termination of the employment contract, the assumption of flexible personnel management.

7. Human capital as a decisive factor for the development of an enterprise.

Master’s thesis on the issue of human capital as a decisive factor in the development of an enterprise. An elaboration consisting of three chapters, in which they can be presented, among others such issues as: the process of managing human capital in the contemporary organization, the impact of the organization’s environment on training decisions, diagnosing the training needs of employees, the employee motivating system.

8. Motivating factors for employees in public safety organs.

Work on factors motivating employees in public safety organs, consisting of three chapters: basic motivating instruments and work carried out by man (man and his motivations for work, labor market and employment in security organs), motivation and the function of wages (basic salary, variable and additional benefits) and professional development opportunities as a form of motivating to work.

9. Talent management in the enterprise.

Master’s thesis on the phenomenon of talent management in an enterprise. A study containing five chapters: definition, the essence of talent and talent management, the process of gaining talented employees by organizations, techniques of developing talented employees, measurement and evaluation in talent management and talent management in any chosen company based on empirical research.

10. Restructuring of the company based on the example of a selected enterprise.

Master’s thesis discussing the most important issues related to the restructuring of the company, on the example of any chosen enterprise. Examples of problems that may be included in the study: the reasons and objectives of restructuring, types and areas of restructuring, model concepts of restructuring, characteristics of the surveyed enterprise, restructuring process on the example of a selected company.

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