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Management is a direction that is considered interdisciplinary because it requires a combination of the humanistic mind with the strict one, making it possible to acquire social, legal, economic and sociological knowledge. The studies prepare to perform professional tasks in industrial enterprises, logistic centers, production plants, commercial companies, in particular to perform managerial and managerial functions at particular levels of management. Practically every enterprise or organization requires proper management, therefore studies in this field are currently extremely popular. To deal with them, you must have good skills in mathematics and law, as well as demonstrate the ability of logical thinking to understand specific economic issues.

A thorough understanding of the basic principles of the company’s operation, analyzes of the processes taking place in it, economic and social phenomena are one of the most important skills acquired during the studies.

Examples of specialties proposed in the field of management in the first-cycle (bachelor) studies:

  • marketing communication,
  • business manager,
  • project management,
  • brand management,
  • business management.

Work perspectives after completing management

A bachelor’s thesis in the field of management and obtaining a diploma with good grades gives the opportunity to undertake further education, second-cycle (master’s) studies or seeking employment in commercial companies, manufacturing enterprises, banking institutions, business or public administration.

Graduates are prepared for:

  • work in marketing and promotion departments,
  • work in commercial departments,
  • work as managers, consultants and managers (personal consulting, auditing, foreign trade, market research, investment consulting, etc.).
  • starting own business.

Bachelor’s thesis management – professional help in writing

For a student, not only for management but for everyone else, the BA thesis is the foundation of the crowning of science, a summary of knowledge and a kind of a pass for further education or seeking employment in the labor market. This type of academic dissertation is a real challenge that allows you to receive the coveted diploma and start a new stage towards your planned career path.

A bachelor’s thesis in management is certainly much more than just a literary creation, consisting of an introduction, ending, chapters and subsections. It is primarily a dissertation that proves the student’s skills and knowledge, which should be a harmonious and coherent whole in terms of content, language, stylistics, grammar and spelling. Because the BA theses in the field of management can cause many difficulties, we offer professional assistance in their preparation. Our team consists of experienced and qualified editors who approach each task individually and with maximum commitment. The studies we create are characterized by high quality and reliability, and additionally, an anti-plagiarism report is attached to each work, thanks to which you can be sure that the BA thesis has been written in a unique way.

Who do we write bachelor’s papers for?

Our offer is addressed to all people who do not have enough time to independently prepare a Bachelor’s thesis on management, as well as to those who are not able to transfer knowledge gained during the studies onto paper. We carry out studies for students from various specialties, also for those who are not familiar with the construction of this type of dissertation and would like to know their exact construction. Writing bachelor’s theses is time-consuming and requires prior knowledge of knowledge on a given topic. Our specialists have the substantive preparation of most management specializations.

The bachelor’s theses we prepare are comprehensive. As part of our professional assistance, we mainly offer:

  • preparation of a work plan,
  • preparation of entry and completion,
  • writing the theoretical part of the study,
  • carrying out research / implementation of the project,
  • preparation of the substantive part of the work,
  • preparation of a bibliography, list of diagrams, drawings, photos, tables, etc.

We approach each client in an individual way, and the bachelor’s thesis we write from such a broad field of management is unique and unique. We sign a contract with each client and our business is fully legal. The time of writing the study, depending on the size and subject matter, may vary from a few to several days.

As specialists, we have professional knowledge and the right workshop, thanks to which we can provide competent help when writing bachelor’s theses from management and many other fields of science.

Bachelor studies – examples of topics

1. Self-fulfillment of employees in companies – opportunities and threats.

Bachelor’s thesis concerning the phenomenon of self-fulfillment of employees in companies, presenting his most important opportunities and threats. Issues that may be addressed in the study include: employee self-realization – definition, purpose and assumptions, activation of the need for self-realization in employees, modern forms of employee development, improvement process as part of the incentive system in the enterprise.

2. Man in a market organization.

Work focusing on the most important aspects related to man in a market organization, consisting of four chapters: the essence of the organization and its general assumptions (concept and types of organization, types of organizational structures), organization formation, human capital in the organization and selected elements of human factor management in organization (planning of personal needs, motivating to work, etc.).

3. Training and its role in the modern world.

Work addressing the most important issues related to training and their role in the modern world. The study consists of four chapters: training in the enterprise (definition of training, training methods, training culture), financial evaluation of the training (costs and benefits of training), substantive assessment (barriers and the most common mistakes made during training) and market analysis trainings in England in the years 2000-2010.

4. Investments in the period of transformation.

Bachelor’s thesis on investments undertaken in the transformation period, consisting of three or four chapters. Examples of issues that may be included in the study are: the transformation of the English economy, the transformation process – positive and negative effects, the transformation of the economy and the privatization of state-owned enterprises, restrictive monetary policy and tightening of fiscal burdens.

5. Strategic management in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Work dealing with selected aspects related to strategic management in small and medium-sized enterprises, consisting of three or four chapters: management in small and medium-sized enterprises (the concept of small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium enterprises in the economic system), the essence and purpose of strategic analysis , characteristics of the studied enterprise and analysis of strategic management in a selected company.

6. Personnel management in a small family business.

Bachelor’s thesis on personnel management in a small family business. An elaboration consisting of three chapters, in which they can be discussed, among others such issues as: the concept of human resources management, personnel management process, organization of human resources management in small enterprises, motivating staff in small businesses, selection of candidates for work.

7. The recruitment and selection process on the example of any chosen company.

A work describing the recruitment and selection process on the example of an arbitrarily chosen enterprise, consisting of three chapters: recruitment for employees (recruitment process, alternatives for the recruitment process, the impact of recruitment on candidates, improvement of the recruitment process), selection of employees (selection as one of stages acquiring personnel for the company) and the recruitment and selection process in the sample company.

8. Managing marketing in an enterprise.

Bachelor’s thesis on marketing management in an enterprise. Examples of issues that may be included in the thesis are: theoretical principles of marketing management, marketing strategy – definition and assumptions, market segmentation, forms of competition, price as an element of marketing, characteristics of enterprise resources, production process, company strategy, list of strategic buyers of the company.

9. Employee motivation system in ZUS.

Work showing the most important issues related to the employee motivation system in the Social Insurance Institution. The study consists of four chapters: the organizational and economic characteristics of the Social Insurance Institution, the essence and role of human resources management in the Social Insurance Institution, shaping the size and structure of employment in the Social Insurance Institution and the employee motivation system at the Social Insurance Institution.

10. Economic security of the UK and its importance in the 21st century.

Bachelor’s thesis on the economic security of the UK and its importance in the 21st century. Examples of issues that may be presented in the study are: England’s security in historical terms, England and NATO in the 21st century, economic security – what it is, what it is and what its assumptions, prospects and threats are within the EU membership, economic security English in the 21st century.

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